August 5, 2016

Board Meetings and Documents

The Fresno Westside Mosquito Abatement District’s Board of Trustees meets the second Thursday of every month at 12:45 PM at the District office in Firebaugh.  These meetings are open to the public.  Please contact the District if you have any questions regarding board meetings or governance.

Current Board Members:

Frank Williams:  City of Firebaugh

Leo Capuchino:  City of Mendota

Rene Ram:  County at Large

Mark Fickett:  County at Large

Eric Fontana:  County at Large

VACANT :  County at Large

Bob Felker:  County at Large


Preliminary Board Packet 12JAN2017.pdf

09Feb17 Agenda and Prelim Board Packet.pdf

Prelim Agenda 16MAR2017.pdf

16MAR17 Board Packet.pdf

Prelim. Brd. Pkt. 13APR17.pdf

March and April, Budget and Salaries Packet 2017-18.pdf

11MAY2017_Final Board Packet.pdf

08JUN17 Final Board Pkt.pdf

13JUL17 Board Pkt..pdf

Final_Brd. Pkt. 10AUG17.pdf

Final Board Packet 14SEP2017.pdf

Final Board Packet 12OCT17.pdf

09NOV17 Final Board Packet.pdf

07DEC2017 Special Meeting.pdf

14DEC17 Board Packet_Final.pdf

11JAN18_Board Packet Final.pdf

08FEB18_ Final Board Packet.pdf

Final Board Packet_15MAR18.pdf

12APR2018 Prelim Agenda.pdf

Final Board Packet 10MAY2018

14JUNE18 Brd Pkt_Final.pdf

09AUG18 Final Board Pkt.pdf

13Sep2018 Final Board Packet.pdf

12OCT18 Board Packet Final.pdf

Prelim Agenda 08NOV2018 (Updated 11_5).pdf

18DEC2018 Final Board Packet


Minutes 12JAN17.pdf

Minutes 09FEB17.pdf


Minutes 13Apr2017.pdf

Minutes 12May2016.pdf


Minutes 13JUL2017.pdf

Minutes 10Aug2017.pdf

Minutes 14Sep2017.pdf

Minutes 12Oct2017.pdf

Minutes 09Nov2017.pdf

Minutes 7Dec2017 Special Meeting.pdf

Minutes 14Dec2017

Minutes 11JAN18.pdf

Minutes 08FEB18

Minutes 15Mar2018

Minutes 12Apr2018

Minutes 10May2018

Minutes 14JUN2018.pdf

Minutes 09Aug2018.pdf