ULV Spray Notification: West Nile virus Activity Response, 7/20/2017-7/28/2017

Due to West Nile virus activity (mosquito samples) in the District, Fresno Westside Mosquito Abatement District will be conducting ultra-low volume applications of insecticide via truck in Firebaugh, South of Dos Palos, and around San Mateo Rd, South of Mendota.  Additional applications may be made in Eastern Mendota, depending on the results of ongoing surveillance.   For questions, please contact the District at 559-659-2437, or e-mail District Manager Conlin Reis at creis@fresnowestmosquito.com.

The applications will be made immediately after sundown or around sunrise in rural areas and after 9:00 pm or around sunrise in suburban areas, depending upon environmental conditions.



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