August 5, 2016

Board Meetings and Documents

The Fresno Westside Mosquito Abatement District’s Board of Trustees meets the second Thursday of every month at 12:45 PM at the District office in Firebaugh.  These meetings are open to the public.  Please contact the District if you have any questions regarding board meetings or governance. Instructions for remote attendance of meetings are provided in the agenda or can be obtained by contacting the District.

Current Board Members:

Frank Williams:  City of Firebaugh

Initial Appointment: January, 2003

Term Expiring: January, 2024

Leo Capuchino:  City of Mendota

Initial Appointment: January, 2007

Term Expiring: January, 2024

Rene Ram:  County at Large

Initial Appointment: January, 1999

Term Expiring: January, 2025

Eric Fontana:  County at Large

Initial Appointment: October, 2006

Term Expiring: January, 2024

Bob Felker:  County at Large

Initial Appointment: January. 1997

Term Expiring: January, 2022

VACANT:  County at Large

Date Vacated: February, 2019

VACANT :  County at Large

Date Vacated: August, 2021